Nuneaton Flower Guild

Programme 2019/2020

20th November 19        Jane Fox.                                 Sparkling Christmas (open evening)

18th December 19        Christmas Party

15th January 2020.       Carol Collins.                          Hedgehogs and Angels

19th February.                Helen Raymond Clarke.       Haute Couture

18th March.                    Elaine Stoner.                        Flowers on Vacation

15th April.                       Beverley Artis                       Spring Burst (open evening)

20th May.                        Elizabeth Bishop.                   Colour my World

17th June.                       Bridgette Manton.                 Sunshine and Showers

15th July.                         Michael Montecillo.               Inspirations and Creations

19th August.                   Marie Bradley.                        Addicted to Strictly

18th September.             AGM

Practise Class
1st Wednesday of the month

Date.                                     Subject
2nd October 19                   Ready, steady Lifesavers with Jonathon Howells
6th November19                 An Alternative Xmas with Eileen and Gail
4th December 19                Xmas Wreath with Mandy
January 2020                      No meeting  
5th February.                      Two place arrangement with Alison
4th March.                           Fresh garden foliage only with Alison
1st April.                              Pave and caging with Alison 
6th May.                               Imposed challenge
3rd June.                             Long and low with Mandy
1st July.                               Leaf manipulation with Lyn
5th August.                         Three flowers, one vase with Lyn
2nd September.                  Modern arrangement with Mandy

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